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Key Area Why this is Important Your Action Person Responsible
Reduce credit card balance You get charged around 20% interest on credit card balances. Unpaid credit card balances are the fastest way to go backwards financially. Focus on reducing your credit card balances to NIL before you do anything else, and then keep your spending down so you can repay your credit card balance each month. You
Separate bank accounts It’s too hard to know where you are financially with just one bank account. Using 3 different accounts to keep your bills money and your cash savings separate from your everyday account helps you tell at a glance what you can afford to spend each week. Set up new bank accounts so you have an everyday account, a bills account, and a cash savings account. You
Set up auto bank transfers Pay yourself first! Have your bills and cash savings covered automatically – and then spend what’s left in your everyday account. So easy to keep on track by this one simply strategy. Set up auto transfers using internet banking to transfer a set % of your wages each week into your bills account and into your cash saving account. You
Create a cash reserve Aim to create a cash reserve to last you for 3 months. Most income protection insurance takes 1 to 3 months to start up – so you’ll need a cash reserve if anything stops you working. Set up a cash savings account separate to your everyday account. Try to put aside into this account 5% of your weekly pay and build up a 3 month cash reserve. You
Lower home loan interest rate Your bank won’t offer you an interest rate reduction on your loan unless you ask for it. So… ask for it! This could save you thousands of $ each year. Contact your bank and ask for a reduction in your home loan interest rate. Quote a lower comparative interest rate from another bank and tell your bank if they don’t match or better it you’ll consider switching your home loan to the other bank. You
Be tax effective Many people pay tax they shouldn’t have to. Being smart about where you keep your cash savings can reduce your overall family tax payable. Move your family savings into either a home loan offset account (you won’t be taxed on interest received) or into the name of a lower taxed spouse/partner to reduce your tax. You
Find your important documents In an emergency, can you or your spouse/partner or trusted family members find your important legal documents? Where are the originals stored? Who has copies? Know where all your original important documents are, including your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directive, etc.

Scan and send a copy of these documents to your accountant.

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Along with our network of referral partners, we can help you achieve your financial goals:

Key Area Why this is Important Your Action Person Responsible
Keep your family wealth in your “Bloodline” If your kids are married / in a relationship and it ends, any family wealth they inherit from you may end up going to another family and your kids miss out. We can help to set up a structure that keeps your family wealth in your family “bloodline” and protects everything you’ve worked so hard for. Meet with us and our recommended estate planning lawyer to discuss your options for your unique family circumstances. We will then prepare a letter of advice for you which includes your options, diagrams, actions and prices to protect your family wealth. Accountant + Lawyer
Set up successor directors for your companies If you die or are incapacitated – without the right documents in place your single director company can’t operate, and your family’s position in a multi director company may not be properly represented. Request us to prepare a “Successor Director” pack of documents for you to sign now to nominate your successor director to take your place, if required. Accountant + Lawyer
Protect your family home equity You’ve built up equity in your home – now it’s time to protect it using a “Family Protection Trust”. This can be done without triggering stamp duty and capital gains tax. Request a letter of advice from us to explain how the equity in your family home (and other investment properties) can be given the maximum protection available. Accountant + Lawyer
Update your will Will If you die without a will – the Public trustee will charge your estate (could be up to 5%) and your wealth may not go where you want it to. Request us to facilitate the preparation of a new will for you with our recommended estate planning lawyers. Accountant + Lawyer
Update your enduring power of attorney Enduring power of attorney If you are unconscious or incapacitated and cannot make decisions – you need someone who can make financial decisions on your behalf. Request us to facilitate the preparation of a new enduring power of attorney for you with our recommended estate planning lawyers. Accountant + Lawyer
Update your advance health directive If you are unconscious or incapacitated and cannot make personal health decisions – you need someone who can make these decisions on your behalf, guided by your wishes. Request us to facilitate the preparation of a new advance health directive for you with our recommended estate planning lawyers. Accountant + Lawyer
Debt reduction + recycling This allows you to focus on reducing your home loan and make investments at the same time – with the huge advantage of turning non tax deductible debt into tax deductible debt! Request us to work with your bank / loan broker to restructure your loans so they can be more tax effective for you and start a debt recycling program. Accountant + Loan Broker / Bank
Protect your family lifestyle Everyone insures their house and car. Shouldn’t you also insure your income and your life so that if anything bad happens to you, your family can still live the lifestyle you want them to live? Request us to work with your financial advisor to calculate your personal insurance needs and then arrange the most appropriate insurance for you – including income protection, life cover and trauma cover. Accountant + Financial Advisor
Make your superannuation work for you Most people never look at their super and then find after many years that being in a “Balanced” default option has resulted in a much smaller balance than they should have had. Request your financial advisor to give you a statement of advice with a review and recommendations for your superannuation. Accountant + Financial Advisor
What is your target balance for retirement? When can you afford to stop working? How much per year can you look forward to spending in retirement? What actions can you take NOW to be able to spend more in retirement? Request us to prepare a “Freedom Plan” report which gives you a graphical report of what you’ll need to have in superannuation and investments to fund a great retirement. Accountant + Financial Advisor
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Charitha was very helpful with completing my tax return and also provided advice to maximise my return. He was very attentive to detail and kept me up to date throughout the process. Also, the online experience was seamless with regards to providing information and reviewing and signing documents. Highly recommend!

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Best Financial Services for Business and Individual. Very understanding and easy to approach. Quick response in any accounting and Taxation related queries. We are really happy with his and his team’s services and looking forward continue for the future too.

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As a small business owner, every dollar counts, and I am very pleased with the results I received from working with Char and Growth-Prof. Five stars!

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I highly recommend Char for his attention to the little details, clear communication, speedy deliver of the papers.

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They not only do your tax, but they are giving you valuable insights and advice as well. I bought my investment property based on their bits of advice which gave me significant tax benefits during the last few years. Highly recommend the Growth Prof team! Thank you, Guys!

Prashan Jayasundera

Nothing is as important as time is for me. Charitha took the time to educate me and advised me on many things in regards to small business and tax return. Highly recommended service!

Qanitaz Event Solutions

Charitha and his team did a great job with helping me with my tax returns for my florist business. Charitha was efficient and explained things well. I highly recommend their services. Thanks so much Charitha.

Sarah Deaker

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