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Protecting Your Family Wealth is What We Do

Why do you need Estate Planning?

Hey there! Did you know that if you ever go bankrupt, face legal action, get sued by family members, become incapacitated, or even pass away, your family’s wealth could be at risk? But don’t worry, a well-crafted estate plan can provide the protection your assets need to stay safe and secure.

Why Us?

At Growth-Prof, we prioritize the security of your assets and aim to fortify your family’s wealth for generations to come. We offer a Dream Team of accounting, tax advising, and Succession Asset Protection Estate Planning advising all in one to provide the perfect estate planning operation. Our accountants understand your family’s dynamics on a personal level and can strategize the best plan for your family’s circumstances.

What we do?

A well laid Estate Plan is a Fortress around your Family Wealth. Your Will is just one block of stone, not the entire Fortress. For an Estate Plan that works for you, you need to have a range of Estate Planning Services.



Estate Planning Goals

Ace your estate planning goals by talking with someone who knows what they are doing. We will help you create an action plan that is tailored exactly right for YOU!

Power of the Will

A Will can be a disaster in the making if it does not resonate with your personal requirements. However, a well drafted, thorough Will can be an important tool in your Estate Planning strategy. 

Covering all bases 

To administer assets not covered by the Will, additional paperwork (such as superannuation, trust assets and many jointly held assets) 

Asset Protection 

Safeguarding your Legacy with well laid Estate Planning structures tailored for your circumstances. Asset protection strategies should be complimentary to your Estate Planning goals. 

Tax Effectiveness 

saving money for your Estate and your loved ones with a proper Tax strategy when doing the Estate Planning 

Incapacity Planning 

The best way to move smoothly in life is by taking most important decisions up front while you are healthy and able to think straight. 

Our Services

How important is it for you to protect your family’s wealth for your bloodline generations to come?.

Packages & Pricing  

Please Note: the inclusions below are examples only. Every Succession, Asset Protection & Estate Planning need is unique according to the individual’s family circumstances and financial situation. So first we must study your needs and come up with a solution best for you.









Simple Will

Advanced Healthcare Directive

Enduring Guardian

Enduring Power of Attorney

Guardian of Minor Children

The Protector  

Assets in your estate such as your family home, investment property, vehicles, jewelry etc. are exposed to bankruptcy, litigation, family law, incapacitation, or death. Enable the protector now and protect your family legacy. 

Will with testamentary trust

The Moat and Castle

all-encompassing asset protection strategy not only for your personal assets but also for your business entities and Self-Managed Super Funds as well. 

For your Business Entity:   

Upgrade of discretionary trust to leading member discretionary trust
Upgrade of trustee companies with Leading Member component
Successor Director Solution

For your SMSF:  

Re-establishment of an account-based pension with generational reversions
Upgrade of SMSF to leading member SMSF
Upgrade of trustee company of SMSF  to leading member component
⦁ SMSF Will
⦁ Dependency Declaration
⦁ Family Allowance Agreement

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