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Accelerated commercialisation

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  • Accelerating Commercialization is a program that provides small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers with required access to expert advice and funding to help get a novel product, process or service to market. 

    The objective of this program is to drive business growth and competitiveness through support for improvement and promoting economic growth through research connections and commercialization. 

    The objectives of the Accelerating Commercialization program are: 

    • Speed to market – accelerating the commercialization of novel intellectual property in the form of novel products, processes and services. 
    • Entrepreneurship – creating new businesses based on novel intellectual property with high growth potential. 
    • Return on Investment – facilitating greater commercial and economic returns from both public and private research and development investment to drive business growth and competitiveness. 
    • Research – generate greater commercial and economic returns from both public and private sector research. 


    Eligibility criteria 

    Eligible Entities  

    To be eligible for this program, companies must have:  

    • A novel product, process or service they wish to commercialize  
    • Ownership, access or beneficial use of the IP 
    •  Turnover of less than $20 million 


    Eligible Projects  

    To be eligible a project must aim to: 

    • Commercialize novel intellectual property in the form of a novel product, process or service.  
    • Complete development of a novel product, process or service;  
    • or Prove commercial viability of a novel product, process or service to a customer, investor  or strategic partner;  
    • or Make the first sales of the novel product, process or service in Australia or overseas;  
    • or Drive the business towards commercialization of its novel product, process or service in the marketplace by engaging an Experienced Executive. 


    Expert network 

    The Accelerating Commercialization Expert Network is a network of experienced people who will be able to help you make important business connections and create opportunities for you to raise capital and enter new markets. 

    Members of the Expert Network include successful entrepreneurs, domain experts, professional investors and strategic corporations. They have extensive experience in management, commercialization, capital markets and business development.  

    Members often offer you knowledge, skills, insights and links to help you in developing your novel product, process or service to market. 

    The Expert Network builds upon the support you will receive from your Commercialization Advisers as a growing resource to help you reach the people you need to reach. 

  • Entrepreneurs’ Program 

    The Accelerating Commercialization service is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Program. 

    The program aims to transform Australian businesses by providing advice and grants. It aims to strengthen, grow, innovate and commercialize businesses, both nationally and internationally. 

    The Entrepreneurs’ Program can help: 

    • rebuild a business and get bushfire-affected business back on track. 
    • grow business, improve supply chain performance and improve capability to trade and export in global markets. 
    • develop innovative solutions and connect with the research sector. 
    • commercialize product, process or service into production. 
    • fund incubators for Australian start-ups with an international focus. 

    Please contact us to discuss more .

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