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    2021 individual income tax return checklist


    1. This questionnaire is design to collect your personal information to assist in the preparation of your income tax return.
    2. Your comments will help promote discussion with your tax advisor to ensure you make the most of your tax position.
    3. Please note, not all items and sections will be applicable to your tax affairs, complete as much as you can.
    4. You may save and come back to complete the application at any time, just press the "Save & Complete Later" button at the bottom of the questionnaire. A link of the questionnairewill be emailed to you.
    5. Once you have submitted the form , your advisor will draft your tax return and come back to you with any further queries or questions.

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    D1. Work related car expenses

    D2. Work related travel expenses

    You may have a claim if you have incurred travel costs as part of your employment. Items that can be claimed include: (must be out of pocket):

    • short term car hire

    • Public transport fares

    • Road tolls

    • Parking fees

    • Taxi/Uber fares

    • Meal & accomodation expenses you incurred while away or overnight for work.

    D3. Work related clothing & laundry expenses

    If you are required to wear industry specific clothing or protective wear, you may be able to claim the cost of purchasing those items and/or laundering them. Items you may be able to claim:

    • Purchase of protective clothing

    • Purchase of industry specific uniform (items with logo, branding etc)

    • Purchase of occupation specific clothing (eg chefs checkered pants)

    • Laundry or dry cleaning of clothing listed above.

    • Note - General corporate wear is not tax deductible

    D4. Work related self-education expenses

    Eligibility to claim

    You can claim self-education and study expenses you incur when the course you take leads to a formal qualification and meets the following conditions.

    The course must have a sufficient connection to your current employment activities as an employee and either:

    • maintains or improves the specific skills or knowledge you require in your current employment activities

    • results in or is likely to result in, an increase in your income from your current employment activities.

    You can claim a tax deduction for the following general course expenses

    • Course & tuition fees, text books, study material

    • computer consumables, Office equipment, Stationary

    • Home office running costs

    • Parking fees

    • Travel costs, including car expenses

    D5. Other work related expenses

    D6. Gifts or Donations

    D7. Cost of managing tax affairs

    D8. Personal Superannuation Contributions

    D9. Other Deductions

    Other Information

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